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Adding a Customer

There are three types of customer. These are shown when you click on Customers. They are Customer, Company and Agent. 

Customer: Private customer, Jobs can be booked at the registered address.

Company: For example a school, Jobs can be booked at the registered address.

Agent: Letting Agent, Jobs cannot be booked at the registered address.

All three types of customer can have Tenant addresses.


Go to ‘Customers’ in the top navigation and click ‘New Customer.

A screen appears displaying a simple form allowing you to type in the customer’s name, address and telephone number.

It also allows you to enter an option named How did you hear about us? This allows you to save a record of where your customers are coming from and will be useful later when looking at reports.


A system is only as good as the information you type in

Make sure you type in the customer’s full address and postcode.  This will provide you with the best long term results and provide neat, professional invoices, service letters, statements etc.

Once you have filled in the form click Save.  The software saves the customer to your database and displays the customer screen.


The customer screen displays all the key information relating to the customer including invoice history, current jobs, additional telephone numbers, notes, contacts and appliance makes/models.

To add a service date to this customer click on the  icon next to ‘Service Reminders’.  You will then be able to select a suitable date and service type.

Why can’t I email/SMS the customer? It only lets me send the customer a letter

If you have not set up a mobile number or email address then the system will not give you the option to send the customer a service reminder by either of these formats.  

Note: To add a mobile number click on the  next to ‘telephone’.

Exploring the customer screen

It is definitely worth exploring the customer screen.  Click on the tabs along the top to see what information can be stored, if you don’t explore the system you will never utilise all the features CommuSoft have to offer.

Now that you have created your first customer and your first service date we strongly suggest repeating the process at least 5-20 times (the more practise the better!).

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