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Adding a note to a customer allows you to keep a track of developments with a customer. If you have a large number of customers but find it important to record certain information so you can review it when doing future work for them, notes will be valuable for you. 

To Add a Note

Go to the Customer Details page and open the Notes tab.

You will see the following screen. If you have any notes saved for this customer they will appear in a list below. To add a note click on the green plus icon next to Notes:




The following page will open allowing you to enter the details of the note:


Once entering the information you might want to check some of the following boxes.


Send to PDA will send this note to all users with a diary event for this customer.

Appear on Job sheet will display this note on the job sheet print out handed to your engineer. 

Important will make the note appear in red:



And the note tab appear in red:



Do Not Work With Again

When checking the box Important, a further check box will appear beneath it. 

This is labelled Refuse to work with.

If you never want to work with a customer again, for example he never pays on time, this will facilitate that.

Click Save




As before, everything is now in red:



Now, though, when you go back to the customer page you will see a difference. 

If this customer calls you in future asking for work to be done, and you go to their Customer Details page, you will not only be warned of the important note about this customer but you will notice the green plus icon has disappeared next to Jobs/Estimates. In its place is a warning about the customer. To book a job for this customer, you will have to remove the Refuse to work with notice by clicking on the note and unchecking the box.





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