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For some customers, particularly the larger ones such as Agents and Companies, you might have more than one contact or more than one telephone number. This page will explain the features that facilitate this.

Additional Telephone Numbers

Saving additional telephone numbers is useful when dealing with tenant properties as there is often more than one person you need to communicate with. To add an extra telephone number go to the Customer Details page and click on the green plus icon next to telephone:



The following screen will open. Enter the relevant information


Back in the Customer Details you can view additional telephone numbers by clicking the magnifying glass next to telephone.



Adding a Contact

You can add a specific contact with his own telephone, mobile number and email address. You can even address invoices to a particular contact.

To add a contact go to the customer page, then open the Contacts tab.

Next to the word Contacts click the green plus icon


A simple form will appear. enter the contacts information.

If you wish to be able to send invoices to this contact, tick the box labelled Invoice Contact

If you have the Customer Login module turned on, you will also have the option to allow or deny this contact access to the customer login feature.


Click save and the contact will appear in the list below.





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