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First you will need to search for the property address.  This must be the property you intend to do the job at (and not the estate agent).  Click on the + icon to create a new job.




When you've clicked on the + icon you're taken to the add job screen. Please fill in all the details and click to book into diary.




Once you've booked the job into the diary you are taken back to the add job screen.  On the right you can see the diary information displayed.




To select more than one day click the 'book multiple days' checkbox.  This will then give you a second date picker.  Select the end date.  For example 18/07/2013 is your 'date of event' and the second date could be the 20/07/2013 which would mean CommuSoft would book in jobs on the 18th, 19th and 20th.  The jobs will have the same time (in the example above 11.00-12.00.


I don't want to book consecutive dates

If you don't want to book consecutive dates, i.e. you want to book the 18th and the 20th then you will first need to create the job with a single diary event for the 18th.  Once you've clicked save you will be taken to the job screen.  In the top right corner there is a button called 'Add Diary Event'




Click on this button and the full graphical diary will appear.  Select the date/time and you will be asked to type in a description.  This allows you to provide more information about that specific visit, i.e. the visit on the 18th maybe to fix a boiler while the visit on the 20th maybe to fit a part.  Click save.  


This will create multiple visits (diary events) against the same job.  You will only have a single invoice for this job (even though there are two diary events).



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