Set up Job Confirmation Email and SMS Messages

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When creating or editing a diary event linked to either a job or estimate it is possible to send an email or sms to the engineer, customer and work address (tenant).  By default CommuSoft provide a default message which can be sent, however, if you want to change this message you can do by going to:

General > Preferences

For the job confirmations, go to Jobs/Invoicing Module.




From here you can choose to edit the Engineer, Customer or Work Address confirmation emails and sms.  Simply click on the relevant link.


Editing the Email/SMS Messages

There are two email and two SMS messages you can setup for each type (i.e. Engineer, Customer, Work Address).  When you first create a job you can setup the 'Create Email Message' which should be something like "Your New Job has been Book".  When you create a job, this message is sent to the recipient confirming their job has been booked.  The second message is if an event is then moved to a different time/date as you will send the 'Edit Email Message'. This message will read "Your Job has been Moved" (or something similar).  


The same applies to SMS.  Select the Create SMS Message tab or the Edit SMS Message.







You may notice CommuSoft have provided a number of tags.  Tags are key to automating the sending of personal messages to customers reducing the need for typing.  For example [job_address_line_1] is a tag, this tag will be replaced by the address of the property where the job is being carried out.  You utilise tags in the default messages so that when you do book a job for a customer, you don't need to type in the actual address.


Here are the current list of supported tags:

  • [client_name] (your company name)
  • [client_telephone] (your telephone number)

  • [customer_name]
  • [customer_telephone]

  • [work_address_name]
  • [work_address_telephone]
  • [job_address_line_1]
  • [job_address_line_2]
  • [job_town]
  • [job_county]
  • [job_postcode]

  • [job_number]
  • [job_description]
  • [job_more]
  • [job_quoted_amount]
  • [job_reference]
  • [job_priority]

  • [estimate_number]

  • [diary_description]
  • [diary_date]
  • [diary_time]
  • [diary_engineer_name]


Changing the Estimate Confirmation Messages

Simply go to General > Preferences and click on Estimate Module.  Select the relevant option.



From here you can alter the Email and SMS messages sent when creating and editing the diary events linked to Estimates.



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