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When you are creating a new job, you are able to send the customer and tenant a confirmation email or SMS.  To do this create the job like normal by searching for the property in the top right corner (or you could create them if they're a new customer).



Click on the property to bring up the details.  Click on the + icon next to Jobs at the bottom of the screen.




This will take you to the Add Job screen.




Fill in the necessary details and click on Book into Diary.  Here you can select the engineer, date and time.




Once you've clicked to accept the time, the job screen re-appears.




You can see on the right hand side a number of options, including Engineer Job Details and Customer.  From here you can send the customer, tenant (in this example we're working with a private customer) and engineer a confirmation the job has been booked.





To view the message (or edit them) simply click on the edit email message link.




From here you can tweak the message if you want.  Notice, all the tags have changed into the correct valid information.   Click save.


To send the message simply select either immediately or 24 hours which sends the email or SMS 24 hours before the diary time i.e. if you were to have an event on the 4th October at 3pm, the customer / work address would receive the email or SMS on the 3rd October at 3pm.


You can also utilise ical events.  An ical event is a calendar event which can be sent to your customer / work address adding your visit into their diary (Outlook/Google calendars etc).




Please be aware:

If the customer / work address clicks 'No' this doesn't come back into CommuSoft - we have no way to know if they cancel this event.  This tool is optional and can be switched off. Please click here to find out how.


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