Set up Holidays for employees

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Before you can setup your holiday against engineers you must first setup your companies holiday year end.


To do this go to Your Business > Company Details and setup the holiday year start and end.




Just pick your start and end date.  Please don't worry about the year at this point.


Then click on General > Preferences > Employee Module > Setup Holiday




Select the year.  Note, if you're holiday year starts on the 1st Jan and ends on the 31st December, remember to select the correct year! Often clients get confused and end up with 1st Jan 2013 - 31st Dec 2014 (2 years!).


If you see this warning:




Then your holiday year has already been setup.  If it's already been setup there is no need to save this screen.



Next, click on Your Business > Employees and click on the employees name (one at a time).  Select the Holiday tab.




This will give you the Setup Holiday link.



Click on setup account.




Select the employees start date (note, if the employee started before your holiday year started then please select the holiday start date.  For example, if the employee started 1.5 years ago and your holiday start date is 1/1/2014 then please select 1/1/2014 as their start date.

Type how many days that employee gets per year.  You can choose to include or exclude bank holidays, this is up to you - just be consistent across all employees.


Click save.


To add a sick day - add a holiday in the same way but select sick day from the drop down menu.

Sick days will not be taken from the allocated holiday days


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