Create a Customer Login Role

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To allow your customers to use the customer login, you need to assign to them an access role. 

Firstly, however, you need to create these roles.

To do this go to General > Preferences > Customer Login > Role Management

On this screen you can view and search for your current customer login roles.

Clicking on the name of the role will allow you to edit this role.

To add a role, enter the name of the role in the text box and click Save.



The following screen will open. Here you select what access this role will have. You can select what the role (or rather, the users assigned to this role) can see by ticking and unticking the boxes under 'read,' what they can add by ticking the boxes under 'write' and what they can edit by ticking the boxes under update.

If you want this role to request jobs, check the job management box under 'write'.

Click Save




The new role will appear in the list of roles.



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