Customer Login Tab: Tenant Addresses

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Under the Tenant Addresses tab your customer can add a new Tenant (if given permission), and view a list of Tenants.

He can also search for a particular tenant by using the search function.

Clicking on the name of a Tenant will open their Details

If they are given permission, they can edit these details and hit Save to record these changes:



Under Pending Job Requests you can see a list of job requests made for this Tenant that have not jet been made into jobs in CommuSoft:



Under Current Jobs you can view a list of jobs that have been accepted but not yet invoiced for this Tenant.

Clicking on the job description will open more information.

You can also request a new job here by clicking on Request Job.



Service Reminders will show you a list of Service Reminders booked in for this Tenant:



Under Certificates you can view and print the certificates for this Tenant.

To print: click on the print icon on the right of the certificate:



Under Invoices you will see a list of all invoice, both paid and unpaid, linked to this Tenant:



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