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Under the reporting tab your customer can view a number of reports.

Outstanding Invoices

This report shows your customer all invoices not yet paid. 

It shows them the address, invoice date, job description and amount due.



Service Reminders

The next tab down, Service Reminders, allows your customer to search for all Service Reminders currently set up.

This allows them to keep a tab on which properties need a service.

The filters circled below allow the customer to narrow down results by date and service type.


Total Jobs Per Month

Total Jobs per month allows your customer to see how many jobs they have booked each month.

This helps them to visualise the work you do for them.

Your customer can set the date parameters by clicking on the date boxes, selecting the dates and hitting Search 



Addresses on Contract Plan

If any of your customer's tenants are linked to a service or insurance plan, they will appear in this report.





This is a report of all invoices that you produce for your customer.

Your customer can search these using the date boxes and hitting search.

Details displayed are the date of the invoice, the address and job description, invoice number and price + VAT.



Installed Appliances by Address

This report shows your customer what appliances are recorded against each address.

It also tells them the warranty information if you have entered this with the appliance within CommuSoft.

This can help your customer to stay on top of their property maintenance.



List of Jobs

List of jobs allows your customer to view, within a set date margin, all jobs for all tenants. 



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