Customer Login: Accept a Requested Job

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When a customer has requested a job through the customer portal, you will be informed within CommuSoft in two places.

1. Home Screen Reminders:

Ensure that Customer Job Requests has been selected and you will see this reminder on your home screen. 

Click on the message to view job requests



2. On the bottom left of all screens:

Click on the icon to view these requests.



You will be taken to a list of customers who have requested a job.

Next to the necessary customer, click on the downward arrow to open details of the job request:



You will see some of the job details in open below.



The Magnifying glass icon will open more details so you can quickly view the job request:




The Green Plus Icon will open the add job page within CommuSoft and will autofill some of the information as entered by your customer.

Add the required information as normal and press Save to book the job.



In the customer portal this job will now appear under on-going jobs:



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