Creating an Invoice

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How to create an invoice?

CommuSoft has a simple structure, one job becomes one invoice.  It is this structure that makes using the system so easy.  It does mean that if you want to raise an invoice you must have first  created a job.

When you have created your job a ‘Create Invoice’ button will appear in the top right corner of your job screen.  Click this button to turn the job into an invoice.


You will then be given the option to Invoice/Free of Charge/Abort the job.

 When would I use free of charge or abort?

If you are returning to a job to fix an issue or if you are doing the job as part of a contract plan you may choose to “free of charge” the job.  Aborting a job is usually reserved for when a customer cancels the whole job (not just one visit) or if you have tried to gain access to a job a number of times and the customer is always out you can abort the job due to no-access.

When invoicing you will need to provide a description which will appear on the invoice.  You can, however, click on ‘copy job description’ which will automatically copy the job description onto the invoice.

Click continue when you are finished.

The next screen is all about the financial side of the invoice.  This includes a total, VAT information and payment information.  Type in the total and select whether the price includes VAT or not.

Watch the video: 

 I’m not VAT registered, what do I do?

Don’t worry, if you are not VAT registered then none of the VAT options will appear for you.  The price will not calculate VAT.

 Sometimes I break the price down by parts and labour, what do I do?

CommuSoft allow you to break your price down by parts and labour.  To do this simply click on ‘Invoice Breakdown’ which will display a pop-up box allowing you to type in a description, quantity and price.

Note: The Quantity field isn’t required and can include numbers and letters.

Note: The price is the total price you wish to charge.  The system will not multiple the price field by the quality field.


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