Upload a Company Logo for Certificates

Go to Your Business > Company Details > Office Information > Click on your office address.

Click on 'use wizard to upload logos'



This will take you to the wizard.  Here you can click to upload you logo. Note your logo must be a JPG (you cannot upload word documents or PDF's).  If don't have your logo in JPG format please speak to the designer who created the logo and ask them to send you it in JPG format (it's a standard format).


Once you've uploaded your logo you may want to crop it (only use part of the image).  Click on crop.


Once you've clicked on crop a popup will appear.


You can crop the image as you like.  To crop the image click into the image, hold your mouse down and drag the box until it covers the area you want.  Please note you should select a rectangle.



Then click save.  You logo will appear on the screen.



Click continue.  You will be taken to a similar screen, here you will repeat the process but when cropping the logo please select a rectangle shape (square).  This is for the portrait certificates. 


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