Set Up Your Service Reminder Letters

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Check out the Tutorials to learn all you need to know about setting up your Service Reminder Messages.

CommuSoft lets you send Letters, Emails and Texts to your customers to remind them of upcoming services.




To set up your Service Reminder Letters go to General > Preferences > Customer Module > Service Reminders.

Click on the Service Reminder you wish to set up.



Under Basic Details you are able to adjust the name of the Service and the default means of communication for this Service. 

You will be able to send a Letter to all of your Customers as you will always have their address. If you select Letter, all Customers will receive a Letter when being sent this particular Service Reminder (In this case a Boiler Service).

SMS (Texts) and Emails can be sent only to those Customers whose email address or mobile number you have.

If you select SMS CommuSoft will send an SMS to all those Customers who have a mobile number linked to their details. Commusoft will then send an email to all Customers without a mobile number but with an email address. Finally, for all Customers with neither a mobile number nor an email address linked to their details, CommuSoft will provide you with a Letter to print out and send.




After selecting how you want to contact your customers with Service Reminders. You will need to set up the Letters themselves.

Firstly, select Private Customer Letter.

Type an appropriate title and body to the letter, reminding your customer that they are due a service and how to arrange one. Check the information you wish to appear on the letter and fill in the remaining fields.

Before you click Save, notice the option labelled Display When Insurance Expires. If you have a contract set up with a customer, check this box if you want the expiry date of this contract to be displayed in the letter. 

Click Save and move on to Landlord Letter.




A Landlord Letter is slightly different. Firstly you are more likely writing to them to inform them that a service is required, rather than advising them that a service is a good idea as with a private customer. 

Second, you have two fields for the body of the letter. These are labelled Letter and Footer. Between these two fields, CommuSoft will place a list of all the Services due for this Landlord/Agent.

Complete the fields as you wish and Click Save, noting that again there is the option to display when insurance expires.




A Tenant Letter is used when you have received confirmation from the Landlord/Agent that you can carry out the service, but they have asked you to contact the Tenant to arrange the service. This Letter should provide them with a way to contact you in order to book it.

Complete the fields and click Save




Finally you have the option to set up a Tenant SMS. This serves the same purpose as the Tenant Letter. Complete the fields and click Save.




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