Send Service Reminders

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Sending the reminders to customer

To Send your Service Reminders go to Reminders > Service Reminders



Select the Service Reminders you wish to send by using the date and service type drop down menus. For more advanced searches click filter and select the filters you wish to use. 




Click View.

A list of customers requiring the service will appear. In this case all Boiler Services due in January 2014.

This list can be downloaded to Excel as a spreadsheet by clicking the Download to Excel button.

You can also adjust the number of results you see per page using the dropdown menu shown below, next to process.

To Send the Service Reminders click Process.




You will see a progress bar as SMS and emails are sent, and letters are created.




Once complete, Commusoft provides you with a breakdown of how many SMS and emails have been sent, and how many letters have been created for you to print off.

To open your letters so you can print them and send them to your customers, click on click to print off your service reminder letters. 




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