Book a Service Reminder from a Job

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Please note: The service reminders are annual and once a job has had the type set against it will not show for that year. The reminder will then trigger again for the year after until a job with that reminder type is set.

A convenient way of adding a Service Reminder to a property is to do so when booking a job. For example, a new customer calls and asks you to service their boiler. You will want to book a job for this, but you will also want to be reminded after a year to prompt your customer to have another service. 

Go to your Customer's page. Click on the green plus icon next to Jobs.


On the next page, fill in the job details as necessary. Crucially, to simultaneously create a service reminder for the same time next year, select a Type of Job from the drop down menu.


You are provided with two drop down menus so you can book a service reminder for, say, a boiler service and a gas safety certificate.


Click Save to book the job and save the service reminder(s)

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