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Whether the refund is for the whole invoice or just part of an invoice, you will want to create a credit note.

Click to open the invoice. Click on New Credit Note button. Fill in the credit note with the description and the amount. Click save.

This will create a credit note against the invoice effectively balancing your accounts. So for example, if you create an invoice for £100.00 and credit £25.00 then you will effectively pay tax on £75.00. Please note though, your invoice will still read £100 (as the invoice was £100), but the credit note reduces your tax (and vat) liability by £25.00. When you run a report in CommuSoft (Reporting > Sales > Sales Ledger) you'll notice that there is the +£100 invoice and a -£25.00 credit note.

If you then need to pay back money to the customer, after creating the credit note click to view the customer/property details. Here you should see the current credit (in green) with the amount you need to pay the customer back. Click on the 'Pay back icon' (there is two icons - it's not the magnifying glass!). Once you've clicked on this icon the system will allow you to pay back the money to the customer. Fill in the form and click save.

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