A Customer Overpaid: On Account Credit

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Commusoft allows you to process overpayments, applying the appropriate amount to the relevant invoice and crediting your customer with the excess. 

To add on account credit (or cash on account), follow the steps below.

As normal, select the plus icon next to Payments as below. Note that in this instance the customer has been invoiced for £360 including VAT.


You will then see the following screen. Not that you have received a cheque for £400 to cover a total charge of £360. Make sure the Overpaid? check box is checked. Commusoft will not process an overpayment without checking this box.


Click Save and the payment is complete. But what happened to the £40 surplus? Go to the customer's details and you will notice, as shown below, that their Commusoft account has been credited with the remainder. Below, the remaining £40 is shown as current credit. 

This cash on account or on account credit will remain here until you either pay it back or use it against a future invoice.



To learn how to deal with account credit, follow the links below:

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