Use account credit against a future payment

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Account credit can be used against future invoices for that customer or can be registered as being repaid. This tutorial will explain the former.

For information on how to repay account credit visit:

For information on how to create account credit as a product of overpayment, visit:

Account credit is displayed under customer details as current credit:



This credit will remain here until it is either logged as repaid (see above links) or is used as part of a payment. 

As normal, click the green "plus" icon next to Payments. Note below that £240 is due from the customer.


On the following screen you must check the use outstanding credit box and enter how much credit is to be used for this payment in the field below. Under amount paid you enter the amount received from the customer on this occasion.


Click Save and you will be taken back to the job details page. You will see a section similar to the one below. In this instance we chose to pay off the entire £240 invoice using the £40 account credit and £200 cash from the customer. 


Now, if you return to customer details you will see that there is no longer a current credit feature as the credit has been used.

WARNING: When dealing with tenants, account credit can only be redeemed against that tenant. It is advised that you repay the account credit if this is likely to cause a problem. 


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