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Go to General > Preferences > Diary Module > Diary Setup



Here you can edit your Diary Settings.

First, you can set your work hours. These are the hours that will appear on your Diary. Simply select the times from the drop down menu.




Next you can set the maximum number of multiple diary events. This means an Engineer can have overlapping jobs, for example a job from 10-12 and an event from 11-11:30. 

The number indicates how many Overlaps can occur. For example if 1, you will be allowed 1 overlap, or 2 simultaneous events. 

Set to zero if you do not want overlapping events.




You are given the option to display aborted and no-access events on the diary. This is off by default. 


Display Within the Event determines what information is displayed within the diary event box in the Diary. 

We recommend that you do not clutter this box as it will not fit.




Further information is available quickly by hovering over the event. The information displayed when hovering over an event is dictated by the section marked Display in Hover Area.

We recommend ticking all the boxes you might want to see.




Click  and your settings are completed.


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