Book a Job into the Diary

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Booking a Job Into the Diary

When adding a job, click Book into Diary:



In the Diary that opens, select the date of the event in the calendar.


Under the engineer you wish to carry out the job, simply click and drag to set the time of the Diary Event.




You will be prompted to confirm the event. Click OK


On the New Job/Estimate page you will see the following box. It will have the date and time of the event set up.


Book Multiple Days


You also have, here, the option to Book Multiple Days. 

Tick the box.

A second date will appear, click on the calendar icon next to it to open a calendar and set the end date.


It will then show you the start and end dates


In the Job Details page you will now see that there are Diary Events linked to the job. In this case we booked the same event 3 days in a row. These will be at the same time. 



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