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Change Views

To view a different day you can click on the previous/next buttons at the top


By moving the mouse to the left of the screen, a calendar will appear allowing you to select the day you wish to view.

It also allow you to select which users' diary you wish to view



As well as the daily view, you can see weekly diaries. You can only view one person's weekly diary at a time. 



However you can view a single user's diary with a comparison overlapping diary by going to the left of the screen with your mouse and, at the bottom, selecting the engineers you wish to compare with the selected engineer.


Which will look something like this:


You can select a 2 weekly view that allows multiple engineers' diaries to be viewed simultaneously:


Finally we have the list view which shows all events from all engineers and their statuses (accepted, arrived, aborted, complete etc.)


Hover Function

Placing your mouse over a diary event will show information about the event. To learn how this is configured visit: Set Up Diary



Drag and Drop

To move a diary event simply click and hold down on the four white dots on the top left of the event. Now you can simply drag the box to the time and engineer you want to move it to.

You will be prompted to confirm the change. Confirm and the event has been moved.



Extend an Event

To extend or shorten an event within the diary, click and hold on the white dash at the bottom of the diary event and drag to the desired endpoint. 



Green Bar

You will notice that sometimes the bar at the top of a diary event looks different. 

The bar changes depending on the status of the event.

1. Green Bar:


This bar is shown for all jobs that have been accepted by an engineer. You will also notice that the Drag and Drop and Extension (4 dots and white dash) tools are not present. This is because, as the engineer has accepted the job, it would cause problems if you could then edit the event afterwards.

If the engineer later aborts the event, it will turn black again and the tools will reappear.

2. Invoiced Icon:


This icon tells you that the job has been invoiced.

Menu Icon

The Icon in the top right of the event allows you to do a number of things. 


Clicking the arrow button will open a list of actions:


View Job will take you to the job screen.

View Customer will take you to the Customer details page

Edit allows you to edit the event details and job confirmation information

Delete will delete the event.

Send Confirmation allows you to send job confirmations

Print job sheet opens the job sheet for you to print.

Abort is explained below:


Selecting abort from the drop down menu makes a number of changes to the event in the diary.

Firstly you will need to enter a reason for aborting the event. Do so and click Abort


On the diary, the event will now look different:


The red bar and red X indicate that the event has now been aborted. The event cannot be moved or changed. 

If you want to book another event for the same job, click the menu bar and select view job.

Within the job details you can add another diary event.



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