Book Additional Diary Events to a Job

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CommuSoft works on the basis of one job to one invoice. This affects how we book events into a diary. If you visit a property and need to return to continue with the same job, it is essential that you do not create a second job in order to book another diary event. Instead you need to book a second diary event linked to the same job.

Add New Diary Event

This is the Job page.

Under Job Details you see one job with one diary event booked. 



To add a new diary event to a job, click Add Diary Event



As normal, select the date you wish to book the diary event in for.




Drag and drop to book the event in for the correct time and for the correct engineer. Click okay to confirm the event.




In the screen that opens, you have al the normal fields to fill in. You also have the option to copy the job description from the previous diary event.




Complete and press Save

You will then see, on the job screen, that the one job now has two diary events booked against it.





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