Sending an Estimate

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After the property has been visited and you have clicked Move to Next Stage, you are prompted to enter the amount of the quote.

If you have chosen not to enter a [Price Breakdown] you need to manually enter the amount.

You need to select if VAT is included or not, and select your VAT rate. Standard VAT rate is always kept at the current rate.

Once the total price for the estimate has been entered click on continue.

The estimate screen appears.  To view the content of the estimate click on ‘Estimate Content’.  

Immediately a pop up appears asking you to fill in some of the missing bits of information.  This comes directly from the [Estimate Template] and Dynamic Tagging. The information you are asked to enter is determined by what you have entered into the {Curly Brackets}  

Simply enter the missing bits of information relating to this particular estimate and click update.

This will update the system with the correct values.  When you’re ready, click back to the Estimate Details tab and click ‘Print/Email’ to send the estimate.

Simply click to print out the PDF and send it to your customer.


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