Estimates Search Feature

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To open your Estimates you can open your Customer Details and under History and select the Estimate you wish to open.

Or you can use the search feature.

Go to Outstanding > Estimates




You will notice a number of dropdowns. Here you can adjust the list displayed beneath.

The first dropdown allows you to search for estimates for a specific agent.




The second allows you to search by estimate status. This means you can find which estimates are at what stage, allowing you to keep track of what next steps need to be taken.




Searching for estimates with diary events allows you to see instantly if you need to send an employee to look at the property, helping you with your bookings.



Finally you can search Estimates by month created.



Once you have set your parameters, you can enter the estimate by clicking on the Estimate Name on the right of the list, or visit the Customer details by clicking on the Customer name on the left. 


Estimates Not Sent


You can also search by Estimates not sent. This serves as a Safety Net. If, throughout the week, you have been handling large numbers of Estimates you might enter all the details after the visit but not print the estimate off. This feature allows you to check these estimates, simply. All estimates that have details completed but have not been sent will appear here for you to print and send. You can search by agent.




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