Booking an Estimate

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A customer has called asking for an Estimate to fit 2 Radiators.

Go to the Customer Details.

Click on the Green Plus Icon next to Jobs/Estimates




On the following page select the Add Estimate check box.

Next, open the dropdown menu labelled Estimate Description and select the appropriate estimate name, in this case Fitting Radiators:

Note: The options available in this drop down are the ones we created earlier under Preferences > Estimate Templates.




Add further information in the box labelled Engineer Notes. 

Estimate Reference is used for when the customer provides you with a number they use for their records, and want it referenced in their documentation. Simply type this in.

If you wish to book this into your diary, you can do so now by clicking Book Into Diary.

Click Save




If you have not yet arranged a suitable time, you can add an event later by going to the customer page and, under History click on the estimate you want to book an event for and click on Add Diary Event. Please remember that this is only rebooking an Estimate, this is not how you book a job from an Estimate.





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