How do I add parts to a job?

To add a part to a job, open the job and click the green plus icon next to the word Parts



This will take you to the New Parts Screen. 

Here you will be able to select your part from a drop down list. 

If you have a large number of parts saved, you can refine your list by entering a value in the search bar. 

Entering the letters "var" for example, would only show parts in your list with the letters "var" in them. 

Click on the part to select it.


The remaining boxes will auto complete themselves based on the conditions set up when the part was added onto the system as an option. 

You can edit these.

You will also need to select a status for the part. 

Needs authorising is used when, for example, you are working for an agent that needs to sign off parts before you can install them. 

Parts need ordering shows that you need to order the part.

Installed shows that the part has already been installed


You are able to add more than one part at the same time by clicking Add Another


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