I have a landlord with multiple properties, however, he has sold these properties to someone else, how do I transfer them?

If you have a landlord or Agent who currently has 1 or more properties but the landlord/Agent has sold/transferred responsibility for these properties to someone else, can you merge/convert/transfer these tenants some how?


No.  Very simply, transfer, merge and convert are tools you can use when a mistake has been made.  This isn't designed as a process when a property is sold.  The reason this isn't correct is by transferring the ownership of this property to a new landlord it will look like all the previous history i.e. invoices and associated outstanding debt will be transferred to the new owner.  


For example.  Agent 1 owns Tenant A.  You've previously done some work at Tenant A's address and there is an outstanding balance of £50.00 which hasn't been paid to you yet.  If the Landlord of Tenant A sells the property and Agent 2 takes over, transferring the property on CommuSoft to Agent 2 would make it look like all the previous work (and the £50.00 debt) was authorised by Agent 2 and not Agent 1. 


In this instance the only option is to create the tenant property against Agent 2 as this will start a brand new 'Account' to manage the financial transactions.

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