Do not work with customer again

If you do not want to work with a customer again and you want to stop your employees from creating jobs for a customer you need to create a note for the customer and set it to Do Not Work With Again

To stop working with a customer. and to bar yourself from creating jobs, mark a customer note as important and then tick 'refuse to work with.'

To add a note go to the cusotmer, click on notes and add a note.

Do Not Work With Again

When checking the box Important, a further check box will appear beneath it. 

This is labelled Refuse to work with.

If you never want to work with a customer again, for example he never pays on time, this will facilitate that.

Click Save




As before, everything is now in red:



Now, though, when you go back to the customer page you will see a difference. 

If this customer calls you in future asking for work to be done, and you go to their Customer Details page, you will not only be warned of the important note about this customer but you will notice the green plus icon has disappeared next to Jobs/Estimates. In its place is a warning about the customer. To book a job for this customer, you will have to remove the Refuse to work with notice by clicking on the note and unchecking the box.



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