How do I setup Divisions?

A division is a group of users. For example, Plumbers, Gas Engineers, Electricians. These are used to help you manage large numbers of users as it splits up the diary and also allows you to split many of the reports down to a divisional level.

To setup a division go to Your Business > Company Details > Office Information > Click on the Add Division option on the right. This will let you create your first division. We always recommend creating an 'Office' division as your first division, then creating divisions for the engineers afterwards.

Once you've setup your divisions, go to Your Business > Employees and click on the first name in the list. Select division and edit the users record linking them to a specific division. You will need to repeat this process for each user.

Note: Once you've created divisions the diary will split itself into different divisions. When you (as an office person) view the diary it will automatically select the division you're in (probably office) which can be quite annoying as you'll continuously need to change the division to Plumbing, Gas, Electrical etc. There is a way to choose which division you want to be 'linked' to. Go to Your Business > Employees. Click on your name and select 'Linked Division'. Select a division i.e. Gas. Log out and and login to CommuSoft. Now, every time you look at the diary 'Gas' division will be the default.

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