Can't log in to the mobile app?

If you are told you cannot login, it is probably because you have changed your password on your PC. When you change the password on your PC it does not also change the password on the mobile. To rectify this please follow the instructions below.

It is important that you follow these steps in order:

Before setting up a mobile device you must be able to successfully login on the PC.

If you cannot then get your password reset, (we recommend you then change your password to something memorable,) and login before setting up the device.

Once you have reset your password in CommuSoft:

Delete your Serial Number by going to Your Business > PDA Serial Numbers.

Find your serial number and click on the red X button on the right of the screen.

Now you need to create a new serial number, do this by clicking on the button above your list of serial numbers labelled 'New Serial Number.'

When the new serial number is produced: Uninstall the mobile software and reinstall it.

Login using your new password and new serial number.

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