How do I send a job sheet via text message?

Sending a job sheet by text message can either occur while your booking in the job, or if you don't have the diary module, it occurs afterwards. 

With the diary module 

When booking in a job or a diary event you are able to select to SMS the engineer. You are given a number of delivery times (immediately, morning of the job etc). Select your method and click save. The SMS will be sent automatically at your desired deliver time. 

You can also send the engineer a job sheet SMS from the diary. Simply click 'Diary' in the top navigation. Click on the menu item of one of your events and click SMS Engineer. This will send an SMS immediately to the engineer. 

Without the diary module 

This is done only after you have booked in the job. You are unable to send the engineer a date/time to complete the job using this method. Simply open the job sheet and click 'Job Notes' tab. On the right of your screen you should see 'SMS Engineer'. Click on the button. A form appears asking you to select the engineer. Click send.

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