How to set up Job Reports

Setting up Job Reports includes two main features, information included in the Report itself and content included in the accompanying email message. 

To edit both, go to General > Preferences > Jobs/Invoicing Module > Job Report Setup

Under Message you will be able to edit the accompanying message. This is the email that is sent with the job report attached. This message supports tagging, the full list of tags is given next to the message box. 

The tags you use in the message will be replaced by the relevant information, for example "[name]" will appear as, for example, "James."

Hit save when you are done.


Under the Job Report tab you are able to select the information that will be included on your job report. 

DTT status (i.e. Accept/Travel/Arrive etc) shows your engineer's statuses, including travel, arrive and complete times. 

The rest of the information is fair self evident. 

Selecting photos will attach any photographs taken with the app at the job to the job report. 

Hit Save when you are done.

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