Automatically set labour and travel costs

Set an Employee's Hourly Cost

To automatically set labour and travel costs go to Your Business > Employees

Click on the name of the employee. The following screen will be displayed.


Click on the words 'Hourly Cost'.

A box will open for you to enter the hourly cost of this employee.

Enter the amount and press Save




Applying Employee Costs to a Job

Now, provided your employee has used his mobile device correctly, clicking Travel when he begins to travel, Arrive when he steps through the door and Complete when he completes the job, this information will be transferred into the job costings tab (of that particular job)

In this tab you will see a breakdown of the time spent travelling and working, and the costs are automatically applied for you.


 You can edit these totals simply by clicking on the words Labour Costs and Travel Costs, entering the new amount and clicking OK.




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