What are the Estimate Statuses

An estimate can have a number of status' or stages. These are: 

Awaiting Content
The customer has called to arrange for someone to visit the property and produce an estimate. The estimate has not yet been completed and sent to the customer.

Awaiting Customer Decision
The customer has received the estimate but has not yet made a decision.

Pitch and Miss
The customer has not decided whether to accept/reject the estimate. You have chased the customer for a decision, however, they have not been willing to give you a definitive answer.

Awaiting Finance
If you provide a finance option then you will need to get the customer to complete the necessary documentation.

Awaiting Survey
A final survey of the property has not been completed (this only applies if your business requires a final survey).

Estimate Rejected
If the customer decides not to accept the estimate then the estimate is marked as rejected.

Job Started
If the customer has decided to go ahead with the estimate then you are required to raise a job. At this stage the estimate is marked as 'job started'. 

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