Sage Instant/Line 50 error: Customer reference does not exist. What do I do?

If you have received an error saying that an invoice could not be added to Sage as a customer with this accounting references does not exist in Sage, this will be for one of two reasons. 

1. The accounting reference entered for this customer has been manually added and does not match any customer in Sage. This means that the customer account in Commusoft is not linked with a customer in Sage. For example, in Sage a customer account might be SM01, but entered in Commusoft as SMO1. 

To check this, and to resolve it, find the customer in Sage and find the accounting reference. For information on how to do this, go to: Sage Instant & Line 50: Link Existing Customers.

Then open up the customer details page in Commusoft and go to Actions > Accounting Setup. In the box, make sure that the reference code added here matches the customer reference in Sage perfectly.

Once they match, go to Your Business > Logs > Failed Accounting Imports. Click on the Invoices tab, select the failed invoices for this customer and click Resend Invoices. 

Your Invoices will then go across to Sage. 

2. If, when you go to find the customer in Sage it does not appear there, this demonstrates that this customer has been deleted in Sage. As the customer has been deleted in Sage, the customer in Commusoft is no longer paired with a customer in Sage and therefore invoices and all other records will not send across to Sage. 

If this is the case, please contact and we will be able to resend the customer so these records can go across. 

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