Android: Getting Started

Before you install the Android app(s) you will need to configure the features you or your engineers’ require. This will depend on the size of your company and your company policy.


The CommuSoft app has been designed so that you can control how you want each engineer to manage his jobs on the move.


You can configure each engineers setting and control the amount of job information he can view and if you want them to book and re-book jobs, create invoices from site and view customer information..

The above features are all turned off by default (unless you are a sole trader).  If you feel you or your engineers need these features you can turn them on for all or individual engineers.

To switch these features on:

  1. Click on ‘Your Business’

  2. Click on  ‘Employee(s)’

  3. Click on the employee’s name.  

  4. Click on ‘mobile settings’ tab

  5. Change the settings

Note: You will need to alter the settings for each engineer.

Once you have tweaked your settings it is time to familiarise yourself with the Android app.


How do I use the Android device?

Each morning you’ll need to sync your mobile device with your database. This will upload all your current jobs and future jobs on your mobile device. To do this click the the 3 dots at the top right of your screen on the diary page and select ‘sync’. You may get push notifications during the day to inform you that you have a new job or a job has changed. If this happens you have to sync as above to pick up the latest information.

The Android app is designed to manage your diary, therefore, once you have logged into the application the first thing you will see is today’s diary.  From here you can view future days by using the forward and backward arrows.


Can I see previous jobs I completed or or did not manage to start?

Yes. Click the backward arrow. How much information you will be able to view depends on the settings above.


What do I do when a customer rings?

Let’s say Mr Smith, a long time customer, rings and asks you to visit his house to complete an annual service.  You will be able to put Mr Smith on speaker phone while you open the CommuSoft app on your Android device.  You will immediately be shown your diary and you can see your next available date/time by using the arrows.   Click on the + icon to book Mr Smith into your diary.  

On the ‘add diary’ form you can select either a morning/afternoon slot or you can choose an exact start and end time.  Click ‘Next’ in the top right corner.  You will then be asked whether it is an Existing Address, New Address, Normal Event or Rebook.  Mr Smith is an existing customer so we simply click ‘Existing Customer’’ and click next in the bottom right corner.

If, however, Mr Smith was not an existing customer then click ‘New Address’.  The next form asks you whether the address is a customer, company or tenant.

If the address is a New tenant, select new tenant and click next.  You will be given the option to search for the landlord/agent or add ‘New Landlord’.

Once you have searched for or added the address you will be asked to type in the job description and any further notes relating to the job.  There are then two drop down options.  If the job is an annual service, gas certificate or any type of job that is done on a yearly basis then select that job description in the dropdown. If the job is, for example, a gas certificate and boiler service, select one from one drop down and the other from the other.

The reason for this is the software will automatically update your service reminder system and will send this customer a letter/email/sms when their next service reminder is due.


My companies have office staff, how should my engineers use the Android device?

If you have an office person booking in jobs then engineers will be sent their job details in real-time. This will show them the customer details, job details, telephone numbers, appliance details and job history.


Viewing job/address information

From the diary you will be able to tap into a job to view the details.

Tap on an event to display the information:


At this point you will be able to view details by tapping on the tabs at the top.  

When you are sure you can do the job click ‘Accept’.  The information will be updated and you will be taken back to the diary screen.  When you get in your van to drive to the property tap back into the job and click ‘Travel’.  When you arrive at the property click ‘Arrive'.

Click back into the job and click on the 3 dots top right of your screen. This will let you do a number of things:

From here you can click to create a certificate, add a new telephone number, rebook the job, add an appliance, add an action, add a payment or take a photo.  The Android app doesn’t show all of the options, click ‘More’ to view the remaining buttons.

I don’t have the option ‘New Photo’ available... why not?

To store files/photos/folders in the CommuSoft system you must have the Document Management module turned on.  For information on this module please contact CommuSoft support on 0207 195 1838 or by email to


How to add a new certificate…

Select ‘new certificate’, choose the type of certificate you want to create and select next.

Complete the first screen; ensure the customers name is spelt correctly.

Select ‘Next’ this takes you to the appliances screen.  If you already have appliances on the system select the button with the three dots and complete the form.  However if you wish to add a new one select the green cross and complete the form.  Ensure all details are correct and that all fields are completed.

Select ‘Save.’ You can add more than one to a certificate (repeat instructions above).

It will ask you if you want to records defects, select no or yes and fill out the defects form. Select 'Next'.

It will ask you if you want to make a 'comment’ this enables you to add a comment to the certificate – it is not mandatory. Select no or yes and make your comment.

It will then ask for a customer signature – ask the customer to sign using their finger or a specific pen that is compatible with your phone.  This option will not become available if you stated that the customer was not present on the first screen to the certificate.

Once signed select ‘Next

It will then ask for the engineer’s signature, sign your signature – It will then give you an option to email the certificate.


What do I do when I have finished work?

You have two options when it comes to finishing work,

1) If the job is finished (i.e. no parts/revisit requied) then click ‘Complete’.

2) If you’re done for the day, but there are parts/a revisit is required then click 'Leave'.

If you click leave you will be asked to type in what you did on-site and then asked to get the customer signature and sign to confirm you’ve left.

If you have finished the job you will click complete.  Depending on your device’s settings you will either have the choice to invoice the job or not.



If the option hasn’t appeared for you then you will type in your feedback, get the customer’s signature, sign your name and the job will be complete (ready for invoicing from the PC).


Invoicing on site

If you are invoicing on site then the system will ask you to type in a description which will appear on the invoice and any further notes you wish to display on the invoice.  Click 'next'.  You will then be asked whether you want to break the price down by parts/labour.  If you do then click ‘yes’.  

You will be taken to a new form where you will be able to click a + icon to add a line to your invoice.  Click the + icon, type in a description and amount and click save.  You can add as many lines to your invoice as required.

Click ‘Next’ when you are finished.

The software then gives you a total price and asks you whether the price includes or excludes VAT.

Select your options and click ‘Next’.  If you selected ‘Payment Received’ = YES then you will be asked to record information relating to the payment, otherwise the software will ask you to type in a more detailed description of what was done on the job.

Why do I need to type in the description on the invoice and then again as feedback?

CommuSoft asks you to type in an invoice description which the customer will see and a feedback description which the customer will not see.  The idea behind this is there may be additional notes or information you want to record for historical purposes.

Example of internal feedback:

Completed boiler service but mentioned to customer that the boiler wasn’t big enough for the house.

I want to invoice on site but the option hasn’t appeared, what do I do?

In this case it is a simple setting that needs changing.  You’ll need to go to your computer and login to CommuSoft.  Then go to ‘Your Business’ and ‘Employee(s)’.  Click on your name (or the engineer that wishes to invoice on site) and select the PDA tab.  From here you will see the option to invoice, free of charge and feedback only.  Select all three options and click 'save'.

At this point your settings have been changed but we still need to update your Android device.  You will need to open the Android app  , click the ‘Menu’ option and click ‘Logout’.  

Once you’ve logged out simply log back in.  The mobile app will synchronise and download the settings.

Click the home button and the icons stop shaking, click the home button again and you will see your Android device ‘Home Screen’.  Tap the CommuSoft app and login.  All your settings have been successfully downloaded and you will now be able to invoice from site.

Signing the screen with my finger just looks awful, is there a pen I can use?

The Android device screen is a ‘Capacitive Touch Screen’ this means that you cannot use a traditional stylus or the back of a biro.  In order to capture an accurate customer signature we recommend you buy a capacitive stylus.  You can pick them up from Maplin or online.


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