Android: Get CommuSoft on your device

Getting CommuSoft onto your Android device


Once you have signed up to the CommuSoft system you will be able to bolt-on the CommuSoft: Mobile (Android) application which will give you or your engineers mobile access while on the road.


The CommuSoft Android app can be downloaded straight from the Market.


Download from the Market

  1. Tap Play Store on your Android device

  2. Using the top search bar search for ‘CommuSoft’

  3. Tap on the CommuSoft app

  4. Click to download


The application will download to your Android.  Once it is complete tap to open the application.  This will display a form asking for a Serial Number and Company ID.  You should already have your Company ID number which is used when logging onto the CommuSoft software on your PC.


Where do you get the serial number form?

  1. Login to the CommuSoft online system

  2. Go to ‘Your Business’ in the top navigation

  3. Click on ‘PDA Serial Number(s)’

  4. Click to ‘Add new Serial’


The number will appear on screen:  type in this serial number and your Company ID into your Android device and click ‘check’.  Once the Android device has authenticated your Company ID and Serial Number you are ready to login.   If it errors it may be because the serial number has been used already.  Serial numbers can only be used once per device.


The login form appears, select your username and enter your password and click login.  This will display your diary.

Having trouble logging in? 

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