Clearbooks: Getting Started

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Set Up Clearbooks


Go to Your Business > Company Details




In the Integrations Tab, select ClearBooks from the Accounting Software dropdown list.

You will see the following screen, informing you that you need to find the API Key and ID from your ClearBooks account.



Log in to ClearBooks.

Click on the Settings tab:



You will then be shown the following screen. To find the API Key and Network ID click on API in the right hand column.


You will then be shown the following screen. Note down your Network ID and your API key.


Now you have the required information, log in to Commusoft.


Return to the Commusoft Integrations page. In the text box labelled “API key” enter the API KEY from ClearBooks. In “Organization Name(ID)” text box enter the Clear Books Network ID that you got in previous step.

Click Update


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