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If you've been using Commusoft and ClearBooks independently then you will have the same customers in both system.  The problem is that there is no link between these customer records and therefore when importing data from Commusoft to ClearBooks, Commusoft will create a new customer record in ClearBooks.  This duplication isn't ideal.  


To avoid this you need to 'tell Commusoft' that the customer already exists in ClearBooks. To do this you need to get the Customer ID number from Clearbooks and tell Commusoft to associate the Customer with this Number.


What if I imported my customers from my accounts package when I first setup Commusoft?

If you imported your customers from ClearBooks into Commusoft when you first got setup with Commusoft then this process will have been done for you.


Get Customer ID

For linking existing customers from ClearBooks to customers in Commusoft, you will first need the ID of the customer in ClearBooks.  

Within Clearbooks go to Sales > Customers

Search for your Customer, in this case Test Customer.

Click the Customer's name to open his details

In the Customer Details page, the customer ID is found in the URL as circled below.

Copy this.



Link Customers


Next login to Commusoft and go to the customer record in Commusoft > Actions > Accounting Setup.  

Type in the ID and click Save.

This customer is now linked.

Repeat for all customers.


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