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In the same way that you needed to Link Existing Customers using a code or ID number, you need too link your FreeAgent supplier accounts with your CommuSoft supplier Accounts. To do this you need to prompt Commusoft to send the correct data to the correct FreeAgent Account. Firstly you need to find the Account ID number in FreeAgent.


Get Supplier ID

Within FreeAgent under the Contacts tab select Active Suppliers from the drop down menu:



Find the Supplier you wish to link with a Supplier in CommuSoft: In this case Robert Finlay.

Click on the name to open the details:


In the details page you need to find the Supplier ID.

This can be found in the URL as circled below.

Copy this number exactly, you will be using it in CommuSoft.




Link Supplier

Within CommuSoft go to your Supplier page. We are linking our two Robert Finlay accounts so we are opening the Robert Finlay supplier details in CommuSoft..

Go to Actions > Accounting Setup



In the form that opens, paste or enter the ID you gained in the steps above.




Press Save.

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