New Client: Import Data

Importing data into your database

If you have already got an existing customer database and you would like to import it into CommuSoft then you will have the opportunity to do this using one of our built in tools.  


Either download your information from SAGE and import it using our SAGE importer or if you are using Quickbooks then you will be able to import your customers and job information from Quickbooks into CommuSoft.  


If you have used Google Contacts in the past to store your customer details then select Google Contacts option, type in your Google username/password and the software will export that information and import it into CommuSoft for you.


If, however, your data is stored on an excel spreadsheet, or is in some other system that can export to excel, we recommend saving the file as a CSV file and using our custom import program.  This tool takes any CSV file and uploads it into the CommuSoft database. 

Downloading as a CSV:

CommuSoft can help you convert your existing customer information from your existing software and import it into CommuSoft.

All you need to do is provide the information below in a CSV file format. CSV stands for “Comma Separated Value” It is a standard means of exchanging data, and virtually all spreadsheets and databases can import data presented in this fashion.


This is the customers title i.e. Mr, Mrs, Miss.

Company Name

If the account is a business or contract their company name

First Name

If the customer is a private customer or tenant their first name


If the customer is a private customer or tenant their surname

Address Line 1

The first address line of the property

Address Line 2

The second address line of the property


Town where the property is located


County where the property is located


Postcode of the property

Phone Number

Customer’s landline number

Mobile Number

Customer’s mobile number

Email Address

Customer’s email address

Accounting Reference

 The customer’s account number in your accounting software (only required if you have signed up to our accounting interface)

Gas safety certificate date

The service reminder date based on YYYY/mm/dd

Boiler service date

The service reminder date based on YYYY/mm/dd


This is a general note


If your file is in an excel file format

If your file is saved as an excel file format simply click on ‘File’, click on ‘Save As’ and save it with a different name and ‘save as type’ CSV.


If you do not have any of the information above

It does not matter which order the information is provided in. when you convert your data it will ask you to specify what each column is and map it in commuSoft.


Missing information

It does not matter if you have any information missing we will just convert what you give us


Comma’s and any other special characters in your data

You will have to edit your data and remove any commas, single quotes and double quotes using find and replace with a blank. This will insure correct alignment of your information and insure your data conforms to CommuSoft standard. If you do not do this there is a risk your data will not get converted properly or you end up with missing data.


When does my data get converted?

Your data gets converted when you sign up to CommuSoft. As part of the set-up wizard you will be presented with the form below. Click on import data from CSV. If your file contains headings, click the ‘file contains header’ check box. Then click on 'Choose file’. A dialog box will open. Specify your file name and it’s path. Click on ‘Open’. A spreadsheet of your data will be displayed. At the top of each column a dropdown box will be displayed. Click on this and select what that kind of information that column contains i.e. Address Line 1 etc. You will need to specify this for all columns. When you have done this click on ‘Save’ and your data conversion will start. Please be aware this may take a few minutes depending on the size of your file.   

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