Gmail SMTP service: Adjusting connected app and site settings

Google have recently adjusted their security settings which has affected all customers using a Gmail account with SMTP in Commusoft.  They have disabled a new setting which has caused Commusoft to stop communicating with Gmail.

This setting was previously enabled on Gmail by default, a recent change has disabled this option by default. In order for Commusoft to continue to send your customer emails via your Gmail account, this setting needs to be enabled again.

Note: This setting is required for you to utilise the SMTP email service when using a Gmail address. This does not mean you will have removed your security settings. They will be the same as they were previously, but now google have raised their security settings and the majority of apps can no longer access your Gmail account (i.e Commusoft SMTP) with this setting disabled.

Follow the steps below to revert your gmail account back to it’s original settings.

Open the Gmail account you use in Commusoft

Click the profile icon in the top right corner


Click my account


Click sign-in and security


Scroll to connected apps and sites. You will see a section called allow less secure apps - this will be turned off by default, you will need to turn this back on by clicking the small sliding icon

You will receive an email from informing you that you have changed your security settings.

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