Import customers to Commusoft

The import tool requires your data to be saved as a CSV file. CSV stands for 'Comma Separated Value' it is a standard means of exchanging data.

If your data is stored on an excel spreadsheet, or is in another system that can export to excel, you need to save the file as a CSV file by simply clicking on 'File', click on 'Save As' and save it with a different name and select 'save as type' CSV (Comma delimited). Then you can use this CSV file in our custom upload tool.

The excel spreadsheet can have the following columns as listed in the table below.

Accounting reference

The customer’s account number in your accounting software (only required if you have signed up to our accounting interface)


This is the customers title i.e. Mr, Mrs, Miss.


The first name of the private customer or landlord


The surname of the private customer or landlord

Company name

The company name


The first address line of the property

Address line 2

The second address line of the property


Town where the property is located


County where the property is located


Postcode of the property


Customer’s landline number


Customer’s mobile number


Customer’s email address

Additional telephone

An additional telephone number i.e work

Boiler service date

The service reminder date: yyyy/mm/dd

Gas safety certificate date

The service reminder date: yyyy/mm/dd

Appliance make

The make of an appliance

Appliance model

The model of an appliance

Appliance serial no

The serial number of an appliance

Appliance date installed

The date the appliance was installed: yyyy/mm/dd


This is a general note

Important notes

  • *You do not need all of these columns, the minimum is surname, address and postcode
  • If you do not have a value in 'Title' Commusoft will automatically place 'Mr' in this field
  • Date needs to be in yyyy/mm/dd format, e.g 2015/04/21. If the format is incorrect this data will not be sent to Commusoft correctly
  • It does not matter which order the information is provided in. When you import your data it will ask you to specify what each column is
  • It does not matter if you have any information missing we will just import what you give us
  • You will have to edit your data and remove any commas, single quotes and double quotes using find and replace with a blank. This will ensure correct alignment of your information and ensure your data conforms to Commusoft standard. If you do not do this there is a risk your data will not get converted properly or you end up with missing data
  • If you have customers who already exist in Commusoft, they need to be removed from the import file - otherwise you will have a duplication
  • It is important to check that the information you've uploaded has been correctly imported. Commusoft will not take any responsibility for the content and quality of any imported data
  • The import may take a few minutes depending on the size of your file.   

Importing your data

Within Commusoft > Go to 'General' > 'Preferences' > 'Customer module' > 'Customer Data Import' > Click the button next to 'import data from csv' > Click 'Choose File' > Click on the file you want to upload > click 'Open' > Select whether your file contains a header > click 'save'

Click 'edit' on the columns you want to match with fields in Commusoft > Label the columns using the drop downs > Once all the columns are assigned click 'delete unnamed columns'  to remove all unnecessary columns (if you have any columns that do not match Commusoft headers e.g fax) > click 'save' > your customer import will start

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