Sage Line 50/Sage Instant: Upgrading Sage when integrated with Commusoft

Commusoft requires 6 weeks after Sage has released an upgrade to fully support the new version with the Commusoft integration

Before upgrading Sage, you must ensure there are no records in the accounting dashboard, in the not sent, queue, or failed logs before you back-up your Sage to use for your upgraded version. 

Important Note:

  • Integration must be completed on the PC/Server which runs the Sage Database and must have an instance of Sage installed
  • You are required to have Administrator privileges to install the Sage interface
  • If this PC/Server has anti-virus installed, you must ensure exclusions are put in place for the SageInterface folder and SageInterface.exe application
  • Sage must be closed before starting the integration

Once upgrading your version of Sage Line 50/Sage Instant you need to complete a series of steps to ensure Commusoft can continue to send data.

Read and complete the steps below. Click the links to open the article in a new tab. Follow and complete the instructions and return to this page to go to the next step.

1. Enabling third party integration

2. Uninstall existing Sage Interface

Go to Windows 'Search' > Type control panel in the search box, Click 'Control Panel' > Under 'View by' select 'Large Icons' > click 'Programs and Features' > Click the program 'SageInterface' > Click Uninstall > Click 'Close' to complete the uninstall

3. Edit the account details

Within Commusoft > Click on ‘Your Business’ > ‘Company Details’ > ‘Integrations’ Tab > Click ‘Click here for Advanced Settings’ > Click 'Edit' > Enter ‘sage username’, ‘sage password’ and sage file path ‘database location’. Commusoft will provide default entries for username and password, please change as required.

4. Install Sage Interface and integrate to Sage Line 50/Sage Instant

Within Commusoft > Click on ‘Your Business’ > ‘Company Details’ > ‘Integrations’ Tab > Click ‘Click here for Advanced Settings’ > Click Download Sage Interface

A web page will open allowing you to download the Sage Interface for Commusoft > Click ‘Download’

Locate the downloaded application on your PC/Server > Right click on the file and ‘Run as Administrator’ to install > The install window will show and disappear once completed

Return to Commusoft when this is installed

Click 'Edit' on this page. This will allow you to specify the new data path. If you do not edit the data path, Commusoft will send the data to the old location.

 Click ‘Save’

Integration interface update has now been completed, you will see the integration dashboard

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