My invoice is printing on 2 pages, what do I do?

We are unable to reduce the font size. However, you can try a few things to reduce the length of the invoice:

  1. The margins can be adjusted to give you extra space at the top and bottom of a page. If you go to Your Business > Company Details > Office Information and click on your address you can adjust the left hand, address margin, top and bottom margins. It may need a bit of adjustment because each customer varies their margins depending on the size of their letterhead and logos. If you print preview an invoice you will be able to see what it looks like.

  2. Invoice Note can be adjusted to minimize the information required. The payment terms are in Your Business > Preferences > Jobs and Invoice Module > Invoice Setup and Invoice Note. Again it may be a question of adjusting your bottom margin.

  3. You may have a blank page after your invoice. This is usually due to terms and conditions containing a blank field (Enter or space). Check this by going to Your Business > Preferences > Jobs and Invoice Module > Terms and Conditions.

  4. Invoice description - adjust the description to minimize the line spaces used and to remove any descriptions that are already within invoice breakdown.
  5. When using the invoice breakdown, are you using the category to breakup labour and materials?

When you use category breakdown this will use sub-boxes in the invoice which will increase the space used on the printed invoice. We would recommend you only use preset categories when you have more than 5 line items to go into that category. Unless it is an absolute requirement for it to be displayed on the printed on the invoice.

You can use the preset category options to use sub boxes:

You can use the Misc category option to reduce the need of the sub boxes:

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